About Us

The Clean Air Knowledge Network (CAKN) is a forum to discuss better air quality. It is a platform for sharing successful interventions by city governments to reduce air pollution. It is also a forum where researchers who have data on health impact of poor air quality, transport emissions, source of bad air and any other related issue can make available this information to others who may find it useful in their work towards clean air.

The CAKN is a place where we meet to share our resources, find solutions and explore partnerships. We would like it to extend to India’s 4000 plus cities so that cities can learn from each other and every effort towards clean is showcased. We also hope that this forum provides answers to anyone who is interested in the cause of better air quality and would like to make a difference.

Our vision

CAKN will serve as a knowledge hub for implemented research and technical assistance so that policy makers and stakeholders can access and use the knowledge accrued from different parts of the country. This knowledge on issues on air quality management will be based on the six areas identified in the Guidance Framework. The Guidance Framework prepared through a series of consultations by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Clean Air Asia was developed to provide guidance in implementing the long-term vision for urban air quality in Asia.

Why Clean Air Knowledge Network?