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Study of Ambient Air Quality Trends and Analysis of Contributing Factors in Bengaluru, India

Source Apportionment Study for the City of Bengaluru- CSTEP CSTEP has initiated a source apportionment (SA) study for Bengaluru as per the request of the Government of Karnataka

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Air Quality Index in Industrial Areas of Bangalore City – A Case Study, India, Journal of Industrial Pollution Control

Urban Emission led by Sarath Guttikunda under their program Air Pollution and Assessment of Knowledge Program have conducted an analysis for the Greater Bengaluru Region of Air Quality, Emission and Source Contributions

Air Quality assessment, emission inventory and source apportionment study for Bangalore City, TERI, February 2010

Air Pollution in Bangalore, India: an eight-year trend analysis, International Journal Environmental Technology and Management, Volume 19 Issue 3-4, 2017

Meteorological parameters and pollutants on asthma exacerbation in Bangalore, India – an ecological retrospective time-series study

Increased risk of respiratory illness associated with kerosene fuel use among women and children in urban Bangalore, India, Occupational and Environmental Medicine

A study on air pollution by automobiles in Bangalore City, Management and Research Practice

Communicating air quality in Bangalore

Bangalore In media

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