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air pollution research

Studies on environmental management of air pollution in twin cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack

A study on variation of atmospheric pollutants over Bhubaneswar during imposition of nationwide lockdown in India for the COVID-19

Urban Emission has done a study under their programme called Air Pollution Knowledge Assessment Programme

Time Series based Air Pollution Forecasting using SARIMA and Prophet Model

Studies on the Effect of Pollution on Avenue Plants in Different Heavy Traffic Area of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Odisha Envis website has published Ambient Air Quality Data from the year 1990 to 2015, along with trend graphs

Significant change in air quality parameters during the year 2020 over 1st smart city of India: Bhubaneswar

Threat to Ambient Air Quality Due to Poor Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Case Study in and around Vuasuni Dumping Site

The Odisha Pollution Control Board has taken initiative to outsource the Source Apportionment Study and Emission Inventory procedure

AAQ Status and Trends in Odisha 2006 – 2014, Bhubaneshwar (15 – 30) (Part – I)

(Data from 2004-2016) (Part – II)

Ambient Noise Level and Air Quality During Deepawali, 2016 of Major Cities and Towns of Odisha (Bhubaneswar Page 7 – 8)

Bhubaneswar In media

Pollution source study in seven urban areas soon

More greenbelts needed for Bhubaneswar air quality

Air pollution in Bhubaneswar alarming

Vehicles Account for 40% of Air Pollution in Bhubaneswar: Odisha Pollution Board

Odisha Air Pollution Forecast: PM 2.5 In Bhubaneswar Air Will Go Up to 219 Microgram/M3 On Dec 8

Skymate says Bhubaneswar’s air quality is hazardous, IMD denied

Bhubaneswar’s air quality index “satisfactory”

Coronavirus effect: Bhubaneswar breathes clean air as pollution drops by 60 per cent