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Ambient air quality standard and monitoring system

Air Action Plan

air pollution research

Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Study for Chennai

Microanalysis and source apportionment of Particulate Emissions from anthropogenic sources in two cities, WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment

Pervious Year Data is available on the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board website. Data availability is from year 2017 – 2020

Real-time Vehicular Air Quality Monitoring Using Sensing Technology for Chennai

Nature of air pollution, emission sources and management in the Indian Cities

Development and Application of Spatially Disaggregated Exposure Series in Time-series Analyses of Air Pollution - related health effects in Chennai, India

Economics of air pollution in Chennai City, India

Air Quality monitoring in Chennai, India, in the summer of 2005

Key airborne pollutants – Impact on Human health in Manali, Chennai

Characterisation of PM10¬ and PM2.5 Emission sources at Chennai, India, Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

Urban Emission led by Sarath Guttikunda under their program Air Pollution Knowledge and Assessment City Program (APnA), have conducted a source apportionment study

Effects of ambient air pollution on respiratory and eye illness in population living in Kodungaiyur, Chennai

An analysis of the implications of air pollutants in Chennai

Characterization and phytotoxicity studies of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in Chennai Urban Area

Chemical Characterization of PM10 for Metals in Ambient Air of Chennai, India

Fine particulate phase PAHs in ambient atmosphere of Chennai metropolitan city, India

Measurements of Urban Ambient Air Quality of Chennai City

Traffic Operating Characteristics and its impact on Air Pollution in an UArea – A case study of Chennai, India

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