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Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Study for Delhi, Central Pollution Control Board, NEERI Nagpur

Source Apportionment of PM2.5 and PM10 of Delhi NCR for Identification of Major Sources, Prepared for Department of Heavy Industry, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, New Delhi

What’s Polluting Delhi’s Air? , Urban Emissions, March 2016

Air pollution in Delhi: As India’s capital, Delhi has grown across sectors – industry, transport, and housing – which contribute to an increase in air pollution.

Estimation of Air Pollution in Delhi Using Machine Learning Techniques Numerous machine learning techniques have been adopted to forecast the air quality.

Source apportionment of ambient VOCs in Delhi City

Assessment of gaseous and respirable suspended particulate matter (PM10) emission estimates over megacity: Past trends and Future Scenario (2000-2020)

Energy demand and CO2 emissions from urban on-road transport in Delhi: current and future projections under various policy measures

“Traffic intervention” policy fails to mitigate air pollution in megacity Delhi

The effect of metro rail on air pollution in Delhi

Air pollution trends over Indian megacities and their local-to-global implications

Photochemistry of Air Pollution in Delhi, India

Vehicular pollution control in Delhi

Diurnal variations in the spatial patterns of air pollution across Delhi

Assessment of traffic-generated gaseous and particulate matter emissions and trends over Delhi (2000-2010)

A GIS based emissions inventory at 1km x 1km spatial resolution for air pollution analysis in Delhi, India

Quantifying the influence of agricultural fires in northwest India on urban air pollution in Delhi, India

Predicting trends in air pollution in Delhi using data mining

Role of urban growth, technology, and judicial interventions on vehicle exhaust emissions in Delhi for 1991-2014 and 2014-2030 periods

Role of meteorology in seasonality of air pollution in megacity Delhi, India

Energy-related emissions and mitigation opportunities from the household sector in Delhi

Remaking Urban Environments: The Political Ecology of Air Pollution in Delhi

Air quality interventions and spatial dynamics of air pollution in Delhi and its surroundings

An Analysis of the annual and seasonal trends of Air Quality Index of Delhi

Sources and Dynamics of Submicron Aerosol during the Autumn Onset of the Air Pollution Season in Delhi, India

Measurements and analysis of criteria pollutants in New Delhi, India

Ozone distribution in the urban environment of Delhi during winter months

Seasonal impact of regional outdoor biomass burning on air pollution in three Indian cities: Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune

Evolution of on-road vehicle exhaust emissions in Delhi

Outdoor air pollution and emergency room visits at a hospital in Delhi

Time-series study on air pollution and mortality in Delhi.

Assessment of outdoor workers’ exposure to air pollution in Delhi

Industries in Delhi: Air Pollution versus Respiratory Morbidities

Indoor Air Pollution and Respiratory Function of Children in Ashok Vihar, Delhi: An Exposure-Response Study

A comparative study of air pollution-related morbidity among exposed population of Delhi

Human health risks in national capital territory of Delhi due to air pollution.

Airborne inhalable metals in residential areas of Delhi, India: distribution, source apportionment and health risks.

Air Pollution and its Impact on Lung Function of Children in Delhi, the Capital City of India

The health effects of air pollution in Delhi, India

Finding solution to air pollution in India. The role of policies, finance and communities

A Comparative Study of Particulate Matter Between New Delhi, India and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia During the COVID-19 Lockdown Period*

Air Pollution in New Delhi during Late Winter: An Overview of a Group of Campaign Studies Focusing on Composition and Sources*

New study shows dominance of local air pollution sources in Delhi*

CSE releases latest analysis of air quality data for Delhi-NCR, as winter season sets in*

Mitigation of PM2.5 and ozone pollution in Delhi: a sensitivity study during the pre-monsoon period*

Ambient air pollution and COVID-19 in National Capital Territory of Delhi, India: a time-series evidence*

What is Polluting Delhi’s Air? – Understanding uncertainties on Emissions Inventories

Source apportionment of PM10 in Delhi, India using PCA/APCS, UNMIX and PMF

Source Apportionment of PM2.5¬ in Delhi, India using PMF Model

Air Pollution Problem in Delhi: This paper offers facts focused on the state of air pollution in Delhi and its repercussions for coordinated health and control initiatives.

Understanding Urban Vehicular Pollution Problem Vis-a-Vis Ambient Air Quality – Case Study of a Megacity (Delhi, India)

Source apportionment of ambient VOCs in Delhi City

Study on air pollution trends (2010-2015) due to fireworks during Diwali festival in Delhi, India

Traffic induced emission estimates and trends (200-2005) in megacity Delhi

Urban Emission Delhi pervious year trends

Comprehensive Study on Air Pollution and Green House Gases (GHGs) in Delhi

What caused severe air pollution episode of November 2016 in New Delhi?

21 Day Lockdown in India Dramatically Reduced Air Pollution Indices in Lucknow and New Delhi, India

Impact and pollution indices of urban dust on selected plant species for green belt development: mitigation of the air pollution in NCR Delhi, India

Quantitative evaluation of source interventions for urban air quality improvement - A case study of Delhi city

Mortality and Air Pollution Effects of Air Quality Interventions in Delhi and Beijing

Water – soluble organic carbon aerosols during a full New Delhi winter: Isotope – based source apportionment and optical properties

A Study on Effects of Weather, Vehicular Traffic and Other Sources of Particulate Air Pollution on the City of Delhi for the Year 2015

Chemical characterisation and source apportionment of aerosol at an urban area of Central Delhi, India

Investigation into relationships among NO, NO2, NOx, O3 and CO at an urban background site in Delhi, India

Delhi air pollution modelling using remote sensing technique

Ozone in ambient air at a tropical megacity, Delhi: characteristics, trends and cumulative ozone exposure indices

Air pollution at a hotspot location in Delhi: Detecting trends, seasonal cycles and oscillations

Seasonal trends in coarse and fine particle sources in Delhi by the chemical mass balance receptor model.

Urban air quality in mega cities: A case study of Delhi city using vulnerability analysis

Increasing Potential for Air Pollution over Megacity New Delhi: A Study Based on 2016 Diwali Episode

Air pollution in Delhi: biomass energy and suitable environmental policies are sustainable pathways for health safety

Analysis of long-term ozone trend over Delhi and its meteorological adjustment

Energy demand and environmental implications in urban transport – Case of Delhi

Airpocalypse – II, Assessment of air pollution in Indian cities, Greenpeace India

Source apportionment of PM10 by using positive matrix factorization at an urban site of Delhi, India

Sub clinically dry eyes in urban Delhi: an impact of air pollution?

Air pollution and associated respiratory morbidity in Delhi

Exposure of infants to outdoor and indoor air pollution in low-income urban areas — a case study of Delhi

Pro-equity Effects of Ancillary Benefits of Climate Change Policies: A Case Study of Human Health Impacts of Outdoor Air Pollution in New Delhi

Indoor air pollution and asthma in children at Delhi, India

Air pollution and respiratory health of school children in industrial, commercial and residential areas of Delhi

Air Pollution in Delhi: Its magnitude and effects on health

Air Pollution in Delhi: Its magnitude and effects on health

The Health benefits of air pollution control in Delhi

Air Pollution in Delhi: filling the policy gap

Delhi air pollution – Lok sabha secretariat

Impact of rising air pollution in new Delhi: an empirical study*

Health Effects of Air Pollution among Residents of Delhi: A Systematic Review*

Severity of air pollution in New Delhi and burden of pediatric respiratory illnesses - An Ecological Study*

Increasing Potential for Air Pollution over Megacity New Delhi: A Study Based on 2016 Diwali Episode*

New website to fight against pollution in Delhi*

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Pollution in Delhi cannot be blamed on farmers, it is the traffic that is mainly responsible (Delhi’s smog is Delhi’s doing)

NGT directs Delhi government, DPCC to shut polluting steel pickling units in Wazirpur, Outlook, 22nd July, 2020

Air Pollution: Delhi’s Central Park get anti-smog machine, The Times of India, 14th July, 2020

Air Pollution caused around 24.000 death sin Delhi in first half of 2020: Greenpeace, The Hindu, 10th July, 2020

Traffic in Delhi contributes to highest share of toxic VOC emissions, Hindustan Times, 2nd July, 2020

Air pollution dipped by 79% during lockdown in Delhi, on rise again, Hindustan Times, 6th June, 2020

People in Delhi-NCR lack awareness about air pollution, says report, Live Mint, 4th June 2010

Air pollution levels in Delhi drop by 49% post – lockdown, The New Indian Express, 12th May, 2020

Delhi’s air quality dipped even in lockdown; here’s why, The Indian Express, 17th April 2020

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What is odd even scheme

Lockdown reduced pollution in Delhi temporarily, long term relief need policy changes

Delhi’s odd even plan is a policy experiment plan