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Ambient air quality standard and monitoring system


Monitoring Network of the city

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Urban Emission has been continuously updating their Dhanbad air Pollution Trends

Emission inventory of PM 10 in Dhanbad/Jharia coalfield (JCF), India: an intricate coal mining sector

Human health risk assessment of airborne trace elements in Dhanbad, India

Spirometric evaluation of the pulmonary functions in the petrol pump workers of Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

Air quality assessment of Dhanbad District, India - A case study*

Air quality assessment along Dhanbad–Jharia road

Air pollution due to coal washery projects and its abatement measures. 8 The sources of air pollution in washeries are described is this paper

Air Pollution Due to Opencast Coal Mining and the Characteristics of Air-Borne Dust

A study of spatial distribution of air pollutants in some coal mining areas of Raniganj coalfield, India

Investigation of Impacts of Mining and Transportation Activities on Ambient Air Quality of Dhanbad City

Characterization of indoor settled dust and investigation of indoor air quality in different micro-environments

Exposure to traffic-related particulate matter and deposition dose to auto rickshaw driver in Dhanbad, India

Size-segregated particulate matter and its association with respiratory deposition doses among outdoor exercisers in Dhanbad City, India

- Trace metal composition of airborne particulate matter in the coal mining and non–mining areas of Dhanbad Region, Jharkhand, India

Trace element characterization of fine particulate matter and assessment of associated health risk in mining area, transportation routes and institutional area of Dhanbad, India

Identification of possible sources of atmospheric PM 10 using particle size, SEM-EDS and XRD analysis, Jharia Coalfield Dhanbad, India

Assessment of air pollution in and around of Dhanbad

Monitoring of Air Pollution in Different Regions Along Road Network, Jharia Coalfield, Dhanbad, India

Assessment of air pollution around coal mining area: emphasizing on spatial distributions, seasonal variations and heavy metals, using cluster and principal component analysis

Adverse impacts of fog events during winter on fine particulate matter, CO and VOCs: a case study of a highway near Dhanbad, India.

Chemical Characterization and Particulate Distribution of PM10 and PM2. 5 at Critically Polluted Area of Dhanbad/Jharia Coalfield

Chemical Characterization and Particulate Distribution of PM10 and PM2. 5 at Critically Polluted Area of Dhanbad/Jharia Coalfield

Assessment of the impact of vehicular emissions on urban air quality near highly traffic intersections are Region, Jharkhand, India

Assessment of Pollution and Health Risks of Heavy Metals in Particulate Matter and Road Dust Along the Road Network of Dhanbad, India

Exposure to Particulate Matter and CO2 in indoor conditions at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

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Dhanbad In media

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