Clean Air \"Be a part of the Solution\"


City Consultation – Jabalpur

A city consultation supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation on bridging the knowledge gap about air quality management and discussing the possible arenas for intervention was held in Jabalpur smart city. The event held rich dialogues on the air quality status of Jabalpur and its impacts on health which were presented by IIT Delhi, Municipal Corporation and the State Pollution Control Board. Clean Air Asia presented its CAST analysis findings and cities clean air certification, whereas presenters from NIUA shed light on the topic of child friendly smart cities and why the environment should be at the heart of planning cities in this day and age. These discussions should be seen as commendable efforts being made by authorities like Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, where the Mayor of the corporation urged the use of CNG or battery operated modes of public transport in order to minimize air pollution before it reaches alarming stages. The event took place in association with Municipal Corporation Jabalpur, National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), Smart City Jabalpur Limited, and Regional State Pollution Control Board Jabalpur. It was attended by officials from different sectors like the pollution control board, NGOs, academics, local representatives, and industries.