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Urban emission has been continuously updated its previous year trends of Kochi

PM10 source identification using trajectory based potential source apportionment (TraPSA) toolkit at Kochi, India

Air Quality Data from year 2018 -2020 is available on ENVIS centre: Kerala

Metal signature of atmospheric aerosol from Kochi, The Queen of Arabian Sea, Kerala, India

Characterization of particulate matter for toxic metal in ambient air of Kochi City, India

Comparative study on air quality index and air pollution level in major zones of Ernakulum city

An analysis of air pollution in Kerala

Analysis of air pollution in three cities of Kerala by using the air quality Index

Air Quality data from year 2007 – 2018 is available on ENVIS Centre: Kerala

A preliminary approach of the spatio-temporal distribution of cationic aerosol components in the ambient atmosphere of Kochi, India

Spatio-Temporal Assessment of air pollutants in Kochi city, Kerala, India

Economic impacts of air pollution on human health and property value: a study of Cochin Industrial Agglomeration

Burdon of outdoor air pollution in Kerala, India, - a first health risk assessment at state level

Communicating air quality in Kochi

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Kochi’s air polluted with harmful matter

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