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Ambient air quality standard and monitoring system

air pollution research

Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Study and Development of Emission Inventory of Twin Cities Kolkata and Howrah of West Bengal, West Bengal Pollution Control Board, NEERI Nagpur

Source apportionment of PM10 at residential and industrial sites of an urban region of Kolkata, India.

Pollutant emissions from road vehicles in megacity Kolkata, India: past and present trends.

Air pollution in Calcutta during winter–A three-year study . Air pollution becomes acute in Calcutta during winter. Pollutants cannot disperse easily, mainly due to inversion, low wind speed and high congestion.

Air pollution control by optimal green belt development around the Victoria Memorial monument, Kolkata (India).

Trace element composition of PM2.5 and PM10 from Kolkata–a heavily polluted Indian metropolis.

For a Breath of Fresh Air, Ten Years of Progress and Challenges in Urban Air Quality Management in India 1993-2002.

Air Pollution in Kolkata: An Analysis of Current Status and Interrelation between Different Factors. The study aims to portray the current air pollution situation in this megacity as it analyses the present level of different air pollutants like Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM), NO2 and SO2

Air pollution and human health in Kolkata, India: A case study.

Source apportionment of VOCs at the petrol pumps in Kolkata, India; exposure of workers and assessment of associated health risk.

Assessment of the impacts of vehicular emissions on urban air quality and its management in Indian context: the case of Kolkata (Calcutta).

Evaluation of impact of ambient air pollution on respiratory health of traffic police in Kolkata.

Scenario of vehicular emissions and its effect on human health in Kolkata city.

Assessment of the impact on human health of exposure to urban air pollutants: An Indian case study.

A source apportionment study for Kolkata Metropolitan Area was carried out by WBPCB with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) way back in 2005

Chemical mass balance source apportionment of PM10 and TSP in residential and industrial sites of an urban region of Kolkata, India.

Urban Emission Kolkata pervious year trends* Urban Emission has been continuously updating their Kolkata air Pollution Trends.

Distribution of PM2.5 and PM10-2.5 in PM10 fraction in ambient air due to vehicular pollution in Kolkata megacity.

Pollution as a consequence of public transport: A case study of Kolkata, India

Managing future air quality in megacities: Emission inventory and scenario analysis for the Kolkata Metropolitan City, India.

Comparative statistical studies of air pollution index of Agra and Kolkata city. Present investigation mainly deals with the comparative statistical studies of air pollution index of Agra and Kolkata city.

Assessment of the status of urban air pollution and its impact on human health in the city of Kolkata.

Air pollution and its effects on health – Case studies, India. The International Council on Clean Transportation

Significant impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on urban air pollution in Kolkata (India) and amelioration of environmental health.

Effects of air pollution on public health: the case of vital traffic junctions under Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Exposure to indoor air pollution and its perceived impact on health of women and their children: A household survey in a slum of Kolkata, India.

Ambient air quality during Diwali Festival over Kolkata-a mega-city in India.

The Health Cost of Air Pollution in Kolkata.

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