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air pollution research

Tamil Nadu state Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board has taken initiative to outsource the Source Apportionment Studies and Emission Inventory

measurement and modeling of respirable particulate (PM10) and lead pollution over Madurai, India.

Nitrogen oxides and lead air pollution problem in Madurai

Emission inventory – a preliminary approach to primary pollutants

Urban emission has been continuously updating their city wise pollution trends

effect of changing urban environment of Madurai – challenges and opportunities for future environmental sustainability

Madurai In media

Madurai corporation to work on cities air pollution control, 23 March 2021, The Times of India

Pollution caused by ongoing development works result in health hazards, 19 -20 January 2020, The Hindu

Madurai gasping for fresh air, 27 February 2021, The New India Express

Madurai’s dust pollution is due to the unclean roads alarmingly high, 31 January 2016, The Times of India