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air pollution research

apllication of SIM air modeling tools to assess air quality in Indian cities

Urban Emissions lead by Sarath Guttikunda under their Air Pollution Knowledge Assessment (APnA) Program studied the air pollution sources in the Surat City

Urban Emission Surat previous year trends

Assessment of ambient air quality index of Surat city during early morning hours

City resilience study on challenges and opportunities in Surat city

Ambient air quality of Gujrat state during lockdown janta curfew and national lockdown

Study of leucocyte count and its association with blood pressure in petrol pump workers of Surat city

Communicating air quality in Surat

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Surat In media

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Breathing Uneasy: Delhi to Surat, air toxic in many Indian cities. 07-Nov. – 2017, Hindustan Times

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