Train for Clean Air (T4CA) Manuals

Air Quality Management for Decision Makers in Indian Cities.


This manual is aimed at decision and policymakers whose functions encompass establishing the legal and regulatory framework for air quality management (AQM), clean air action planning, championing air quality improvement and mitigation of climate change impacts and gaining support from national government agencies and development organizations for AQM  

Effective Air Quality Communication for Indian Cities


This manual is designed for officials working in improving air quality and related areas who would like to improve communication of data and increase public engagement for effective policy implementation. This manual enables participants to formulate an effective communication strategy to gain public support for improving air quality in a targeted area to create positive public opinion and participation in Air Quality Management (AQM) programs  

General Air Quality Monitoring for Advancing Air Quality Management


This manual is designed for influential groups such as environment related NGOs, local community groups and leaders, environment related media groups. Contents include effects of air pollution on health and ecosystems, causes and sources of air pollution, regulations, standards, and enforcement, available measures for better air quality, interpretation and communication of air quality data and air quality monitoring in India .  

Low Emission Mobility

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 This manual is designed for officials, experts and academia working in the transport related issues especially those concerning vehicular emissions and in the context of air pollution. It is aimed to enable participants to develop their understanding of transport and air pollution. It outlines the key components required to develop a low emission mobility program that reduces urban air pollution. By reading through this manual, participants will achieve a higher level of understanding of transport, mobility, and urban air pollution. This includes measures to reduce the need to travel, shift to more efficient transport modes, and to improve vehicle and fuel efficiency to achieve better air quality in Indian cities.  

Low Emissions Urban Development


This manual is designed to improve understanding of air quality related issues especially in the context of the urban space, among urban planners, architects, municipal corporations, officials from smart cities and those involved in air pollution mitigation in a city. The manual aims to highlight the need to co-relate urban development planning with clean air action planning to develop strategies for reducing air pollution through the concept of low emissions urban development. It touches upon the concepts of green city and low carbon cities. The manual is designed to improve understanding of participants on how urban design, urban planning and urban policy can contribute to reduce air pollution