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Source apportionment of PM2.5bound PAH’s in tropical Tiruchirappalli city, India

Trichy Urban Emission Trends

Level of air contaminants in Tiruchirappalli city in central Tamil Nadu, India Contribution of automobiles to air pollution is reported in the range of 40 to 80% of the total air pollution

Estimation of Biochemical characters of plants in response to vehicular air pollution stress in Tiruchirappalli city corporation, Tamil Nadu, India

Assessment of air quality index for cities and major towns in Tamil Nadu, India

Environment conservation journal influence of primary air pollutants on local biota of Trichy, India

Ambient air quality in an urban area and its effect on plant and human being: A case study of Tiruchirappalli, India

Environmental impact assessment for the proposed expansion of Trichy airport by construction of new integrated terminal building and apron within the Trichy airport

Air Pollution Data Base in Tamil Nadu

Trichy In media

Air Pollution related stroke cases on the rise, 23 July 2018, The Times of India

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