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National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) for Indian cities: Review and outlook of clean air action plans

Studies on the quality of ambient air in the Udaipur city (Rajasthan)

Status of Air Quality and Noise Level of Udaipur City, India during Diwali Festival

Analysis of Ambient Air Pollution and Determination of Air Quality Status of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Air Pollution Tolerance Index of Certain Plant Species-A Study of Madri Industrial Area, Udaipur (Raj.), India

Temporal Variation of Particulate Matter (PM) and Potential Sources at an Urban Site of Udaipur in Western India

Study of Indoor Air Quality in Residential buildings of Udaipur City

Appraisal of Rajasthan Ambient Air Quality During Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown

Urban Emission has done a study under their programme called Air Pollution Knowledge Assessment Programme

Status and Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality of City of Lakes Udaipur, (Raj.) India.

A Study of Air Pollution Status by Estimation of APTI of Certain Plant Species Around Pratapnagar Circle in Udaipur City

Study of atmospheric air pollutants during the partial solar eclipse on 15 January 2010 over Udaipur

Efficient control of air pollution through plants, a cost-effective alternative: studies on Dalbergia sissoo Roxb

Assessment of Impact of Air Pollutants with special reference to Particulate Matter on the selected economic tree species of Udaipur

Epigrammatic study on the effect of lockdown amid Covid-19 pandemic on air quality of most polluted cities of Rajasthan (India)

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