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The Guidance Framework

Prepared through a series of consultations by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Clean Air Asia was developed to provide guidance in implementing the long-term vision for urban air quality in Asia. Cities in India will be helped to fight air pollution using below framework.

Ambient Air

Air Particulate Index

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The Clean Air Knowledge Network (CAKN) is a forum to discuss better air quality. It is a platform for sharing successful interventions by city governments to reduce air pollution.would like to make a difference.

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Round table discussion on Potential solutions for MSME to Reduce Emissions in Delhi NCR

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YCAN (Youth For Clean Air Network)

At YCAN we involve youths to educate, train, spread awareness and ideate innovative solutions to counter pollution. YCAN has network in 12 Major cities of India.

Clean Air for healthy Children

Is a wing of Clean Air Asia which monitors and studies the pollution levels in various cities of India by installing advanced sensors and instruments which gives live data on air health around the schools

Vayu APP

VAYU, the acronym stands for ‘Value Air You Use’. It is a mobile application developed by Clean Air Asia.With VAYU, people can schedule their activities according to the air quality around them.

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